There are three things my clients often say about me: 1) I actually listened to them, their wants and needs and I worked hard to help them to find a property that matched; 2) I am the hardest working agent (sometimes, they just say "person") they have ever met; and 3) That they are thankful that I represented them (that I was able to help them through the maze of issues and stress) and come out the other side, victorious!

I was raised in a family business in NE Oregon and I was taught that hard work is a away of life. I've grown up to add that "working smarter not just harder" is the most effective way to achieve the highest and best results. I have access to the very best business tools for myself and industry-leading apps and communication methods for you, as my appreciated customer. Combined with my expertise and commitment to you, we will reach exponential results from the mix of high-touch, best-tech around.

Real estate is a challenge, whether we're buying OR selling and I love rising to the challenges involved in the hunting for the a house you'll be happy to call "home." I thrive on negotiating artfully, and utilizing the right combination of strategies that apply to YOUR unique situation in order to successfully secure the property and terms you need. Shifting gears into closing mode is another strength of mine and I consistently work through the myriad of steps needed to reach the finish line. Don't be fooled - every purchase or sale is unique and I have the substantial experience to anticipate issues in advance which is paramount to efficiently hurdle our obstacles and to get your sale or purchase or CLOSED!

Over the years, several people in my life have nicknamed me "Bulldog" because when I sink my teeth into something, I don't let go. That has always been an intrinsic part of my personality so if you want a sincere, cooperative and effective broker, you found one! Please call or text me at 206.651.1268 and I look forward to serving you, should you give me the honor.